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Music Experiment 1.0 (2012)

​MTV IGGY and Intel created and executed "The Music Experiment,” a series of social media-driven, free, live concerts held at secret locations in four select cities.


The experience began at, where fans discovered and shared exclusive content from participating music artists. To reveal concert locations, fans’ tweets using the #musicexperiment hashtag incrementally zoomed in a high-altitude, interactive map hinting each show's hidden ticket locations, venue and show theme.

Agency: MTV World / Viacom  Role: Design Direction, UX, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Branding

Project Recap

Music Experiment 1.0 Website

Concert Tickets

Each concert’s tickets reflected the show’s unique theme.

Unique Experiences

Each event featured uniquely themed musical performances in unusual, visually stunning venues. The audience was empowered to become creative collaborators through live Facebook and Twitter integrations. An on-site installation featuring Ultrabooks, powered by Intel and pre-loaded with a custom Instagram app, allowed attendees to instantly print event photos, share them to Instagram, and project them on the walls of the venue.



Intel Photobooths

Intel-inspired Ultrabooks were placed in the venues. Each laptop was intalled with a branded photobooth app. Brand ambassadors were there to educate concert-goers about the laptops and help them take their photos. Fans could either pick up their photos at a printer located at the event or share them using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 

Music Experiment Concert App

The audience was encouraged to download the Music Experiment Concert App on their mobile devices. The app gave the audience a series of instructions which allowed them to become a part of the performance.

Brand Integration

Videos were created with each artist demonstrating how they use their Intel-inspired Ultrabooks.

Campaign Overview

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