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Publicis NY / Modem


Sr. Art Director

General Mills


Design  |  UXUI  |  Motion Graphics. | Illustration

Green Giant

Cold Hard Facts Site

This campaign informed consumers that frozen food doesn’t mean it’s not as good as fresh. From field to freezer, the jouney of a Green Giant vegetable only takes a few hours, instead of taking days in transit. On the site we had a video comparison of the journey of two peas. While the Green Giant pea is frozen in suspended animation, its freshness is locked... while the non-frozen pea keeps going on, losing its nutrients.

Green Giant Anchor


FiberOne Anchor

Fruit Gushers

Beware of the Gush 

Beware of the Gush was a branded Fruit Gushers site that allowed kids to obtain special codes that unlocked fun, hidden content. My role on this site was to edit, animate and illustrate two of the themes on the site. One theme was Danse Güsher, an invented German kids' show featuring interpretive dancers. Kids could save clips of these dancers and create their own music videos to share with friends. The other theme was Love is a Gush. I animated and illustrated a music video about a shark who fell in love with a fish.

Fruit Gushers Ancor

MultiGrain Cheerios

MG Cheerios Anchor

Progresso Light

Progresso Anchor
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