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Music Experiment 2.0

After the success of the 2012 program, MTV IGGY relaunched the Music Experiment in 2013.

This year, concert tickets and a chance to win an Ultrabook were made available to fans who participated in a series of social media challenges and quizzes.

Agency: MTV World / Viacom   Role: Design Direction, UX (Windows8 app), Illustration, Motion Graphics, Branding

Windows 8 Experience

We developed an app only available on Windows 8, taking advantage of its live tile features. Fans at home could use the app to watch the live event. The app allowed them to take control of different live camera angles by directing our team members filming the concert on Ultrabooks, so users at home could see the show as if they were there.

Online Promotion


Photobooth App


We created a photobooth app that allowed concertgoers to customize their photos by adding stickers or digital props reflecting the theme of the concert.

Brand Integration



The content rich Intel Ultrabook page housed a “Look Inside the Music Experiment” video with Ultrabook integrations, promotional videos, exclusive offers linking directly to purchase and interactive tiles spotlighting Ultrabook features. Ultrabooks were organically integrated into artist interviews and were embedded with “Look Inside” meta-tags, allowing fans to learn more about the Ultrabook and ultimately driving fans to purchase directly from the video.

Music Experiment Logo


The identity for the program was inspirded by the periodic table of elements. 


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