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In the first true global music democracy, social media put the power in the hands of music lovers to crown the Best New Band in the World.Custom content was created throughout the 6-week program including exclusive performances of the top trending bands, judges’ selection of regional winners, and in-depth artist profile pages.


The program culminated with a live concert event in Times Square where the top four bands faced off for the title of Best New Band in the World. Fans voted for their favorite via live Twitter voting at the concert.

Best New Band(2012)

Agency: MTV World / Viacom   Role: Design Direction, UX, Motion Graphics, Branding, Event Design

Best New Band Page

Best New Band logo

Different musical instruments were used to construct the Best New Band crown. For the concert that concept was taken further incorporating DJ and stage equipment in the logo.  A 3D version of the actual logo was created and was presented at the event to crown the winner.     

Program Logo

Concert Logo

Winning band: 2NE1 (South Korea)

Best New Band show bumper

Best New Band Live Stream 

The Concert was a live event that was available to countries around the world.  

Best Buy Theater Digital Marquee 

The Best New Band Concert took place at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square. 

2NE1 Concert

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